El Mesón de la Flota (The Navy's Inn)

"The Navy's Inn", founded in 1876, has long been a meeting place for the sailors whose ships are docked in the harbor.

La Zaragozana: the oldest of Havana

When the Spanish lady Ana López arrived from Zaragoza in 1830 and founded in Havana the inn La Zaragozana, she was far from imagining that it will become the luxury restaurant it is nowadays, the oldest of the Cuban capital.

Café El Mercurio

This fine restaurant has uoholstered beanches inside, tables wobbling on the uneven cobblestones in the square outside.

La Paella

Delicious chicken, lobster, vegetables or fish paellas are served in a sober, elegant colonial setting made of whitewashed walls, dark wood trim and a patio adorned with plants.

Santo Angel

Parrots, budgerigars, peacocks and other birds provide a continuous soundtrack out on the patio.

Café del Oriente

Pillars, beadings and wood trim give a 19 th century feel to this extremely elegant café.

Vuelta Abajo

This restaurant bearing the name of a famous tobacco plantation to the west of Havana.

El Tejadillo

A bright patio and a dining room exposed to the elements for light, somewhat frugal snacks; tapas, etc.

La Torre de Marfil

Lacquered screens, low tables and red lanterns reflect the influence of the Chinese inmigrants who arrived in Cuba in the XIX century.

D' Giovanni

You can have lunch on the Terrace, alongside the fishemen and domino players, or under the Mudejar-style ceilings of this 17th century palace.