Iglesia del Santo Angel Custodio (church)

Santo Angel churchIt lies on one of the few and modest hills of the city, at first called Peña Pobre and then Loma del Ángel. The church was made by the Bishop Diego Avelino de Compostela. In the year of 1630 it was promoted to accesory parish.

Santo Angel churchAs a consequence of the terrible hurricane that battered the city in 1846, its tower and the whole of the front and back of the nave were destroyed. They were rebuilt and notably altered by the Bishop Jacinto María Martínez in the peculiar gothic style that can be seen today.

The history of this church records the christening of two of the greatest Cuban personalities: Félix Varela and José Martí. At the church entrance we found a bust of the Cuban writer Cirilo Villaverde created by Pedro Sant-Andreu. His novel Cecilia Valdés o La Loma del Ángel has in this temple, specially in its porch, one of the varied backgrounds where the story unfolds.

Address: Cuarteles y Compostela