Convento de Nuestra Señora de Belén

Belén ConventIn order to create a hospital for convalescents, once more the Bishop Diego Avelino de Compostela donated his own orchard in San Diego and a part of his wealth to be used, along with the alms collected for such a charitable deed, on the construction of this convent, finished in 1718.

Belén ChurchThe convent was given to the first members of the order of Bethlehem that arrived in Havana in 1704. When this order was suppressed in 1842, the convent fell into the hands of the Spanish government that used it as offices, with the exception of the church. In 1854, when the Society of Jesus was reestablished on the island, the Jesuits took possession of the Convento de Belén and enlarged it.

The church has only a nave, with stonework vaulted transepts. Its gate has stone statues and images of saints. Today, the only arch still remaining in the city is that of the Convento de Belén. It protrudes from the building and hangs over Acosta Street.

Address: Calle Compostela e/ Luz y Acosta