Lonja del Comercio Building (Comerce Guild)

Lonja del Comercio (Comerce Guild)Open since 1909, the project was designed by the Valencian architect and sculptor Tomás Mur, winner of the contest that, to this end, had been announced since 1903.

The American company Purdy & Henderson was in charge of the construction.

The building was erected on the site where, in 1878, stood the Grocer’s Guild, regular meeting place of proprietors and traders who used to review and get agreements about their products prices here.

The building as can be seen today is of Renaissance style. It has 6 storeys, a wide arched porch and a dome topped by a bronze figurine of the commerce god Mercury; which is a copy of a work by the Italian artist Juan de Boloña.

At present it has been restored by the real state company Auria, to rent it to commercial enterprises requiring office space.