Perfume Museum

Perfume MuseumIn the old episcopal palace where the claustral holiness of the 18th century still lives, is placed the perfume museum.

The perfume is one of the Cubans' secular devotions. From the times when the grandmothers perfumed the wardrobes with tender mint and vetiver leaves and the families gathered in the interior patios under the aroma of the tropical plants. Perfume was a delicious resource in the middle of the Island's climate, where summer is a permanent season. That's why perfumes have a museum, near a quiet patio of a Seville ambiance, with a fountain, a small reservoir of water and a grapevine.

The institution offers a detailed information about the perfumery industry in Cuba, and its present development.
Its collection holds a variety of examples from the old bottles found in archeological excavation up to diverse lines of perfumery and toilet articles from the beginning of the present century.

It is relevant among them a collection of French perfumes, where is significant the line Molinard, prestigious enterprise known worldwide. The collection of Cuban perfumery shows the productions of the former great industries: Gravi, Sebatés and Crusellas.

Suchel, is the trademark symbol of the perfumery and toilet soaps productions in Cuba after 1960. Its complete production can be appreciated at the museum, from the first euax de toilet exported to Europe, up to the excellent perfumes and soaps manufactured nowadays. The museum offers the opportunity to try and purchase them in the shop.

Address: Oficios Street between Obispo and Obra Pía, Old Havana.
Open Tuesdays through Saturdays 14:30 - 21:45; Sundays 9:00 -13:00.