La Zaragozana: the oldest of Havana

ZaragozanaWhen the Spanish lady Ana López arrived from Zaragoza in 1830 and founded in Havana the inn La Zaragozana, she was far from imagining that it will become the luxury restaurant it is nowadays, the oldest of the Cuban capital.

With an excellent location in the Old Havana Historical Site, it offers a wide variety of dishes —fish, lobster, shrimps, pork, beef, and chicken— and prices going from moderated to expensive ones.

Lobster and shrimps cocktail, oysters, chickens, Spanish omelette, fried chickpeas with sausage and Serrano jam are some of its propositions, where the Spanish style prevails.

The Zaragozana rescued a menu with traditional receipts that impressed the table companions of all over the world since the 19th century. ZaragozanaChefs and other employees of the place had reinforced the taste of travellers, mainly Europeans, interested in their dishes. This is the case of the calamari rings, flounder steak, the family’s Paella, battered frog legs and several kinds of skewers.

It is said they cook the best Galician soup in all Cuba. Its record of famous clients has the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, who visited La Zaragozana in 1930, the American novelist Ernest Hemingway, the boxer Rocky Marciano and the outstanding athlete Javier Sotomayor. The restaurant is animated by guitarists, singers, and trios who make the visit more pleasant.

Open Monday through Sunday, from 12:00 to 24. Snack/bar 24 hours, where it is prepared the famous specialities the Zaragozana sangria and sandwich. It services includes a special offer of tourism packages for 10:00 CUC with five options.

Address: 352 Monserrate Street between Obispo and Obrapia. Old Havana.
Tel. (53 7) 867-1033 • 867-1040